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Graphic Design

As a child I always loved drawing and considered it a hobby. but I studied graphic arts at the University of Fine Arts in Baghdad. After my studies, I went to work as a graphic designer and worked for the Iraqi Observer newspaper. In Antwerp I Passed entrance exam "Graphic Arts", Academy of Fine Arts. And it was Equivalent to the Flemish degree of professional Bachelor in graphics and digital media.



illustrationFrom a childhood spent exploring the wild places of Irak to the present time spent painting and designing with a wide diversity of plants, I approach each subject as an individual path to a work of art.  Each subject carries its own emotions, concepts, and definitions.  I react to those elements, and that in turn affects my style.  My purpose is to convey the human experience, and in particular- the inspiration of challenges through adversity. It's about being connected to the world, and attempting to make some sense of it through the visual arts. Much of what I do is avidly recording experiences and thoughts..

Birth cart
Birth car

Jewelers Handmade

All my designs are my original artwork. Many are one of a kind designs. They are signed on the back of each pendant and neatly tucked in a sealed sleeve and suitable for gift giving! Each pendant is painted on a handmade ceramic biscuit with a lovely consistency and feel of quality. Each one is truly a work of Art!