Sahar Zuher

She was born in Baghdad and she grew up in the family taste for fine arts, as she was Influenced by this atmosphere, Doodle on the walls of the house and playing with pens and brushes coloring, then grow this behavior to determine the features of the artist, industrious and bold in making themes, She joined the University of the fine Arts and which was graduated in 1998.the mating academic study with work in a number of Iraqi newspapers and magazines as graphic designer gave her the ability to establish her identity of an independent that belonging to the abstraction school. Critical attention in Iraq, Critics have noted that where it is boldly and spontaneously translated into all the implications of the human soul from ideas and dreams and suffering, particularly what is happening in Iraqi affairs, which still embodies the suffering as if it never left her home ten years ago.


2013 Participation "Baghdad capital of Arab culture", European Parliament
2013 Solo exhibitions "The Others", Banks hotel, Antwerpen
2011 Groepsexpo - In Ogen Van in Zuiderpershuis, Antwerpen
2011 Participation in the art auction organized at benefit of the Harvey Cushing Centre, in Province House Antwerp
2011 Eexhibitions "Babylon Revisited-outside the green zone", Eindhoven
2010 Eexhibitions , zomerexpo (Campocampo)
2009 Solo exhibitions, Protestants Sociaal Centrum, Antwerpen
2008 Solo exhibitions Zuiderpershuis, Antwerpen
2008 Exhibitions Kultuur 08, Dendermonde
2008 Live drawing with poems with Cactusbloem vzw, Antwerpen
2009 Exhibitions, Pro Patria, Antwerpen
2008 Exhibitions, Fort Europa, Oostende
2005 Exhibitions, Al Diwan Irakees evenement in (Antwerpen)
2004 Workshop in Arabic Cultural Center in Li├Ęge
2003 Workshop at Mano Mundo-festival: demonstration of calligraphy on fabric
2002 Workshop calligraphy, schetsen, painting, batik (coloring clothe), drawing on clothe in the secundaire school in Belgium

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